Jeff Marlow



Jeff has always had a desire and passion for fishing.  No matter what type of fishing or where in the world, he loves the thrill of the catch.  He knew the best way to share his joy of fishing was to start a charter company so that others can experience the love and excitement.  The success of the Lake Michigan charters soon led to charter boats in other ports of the world.

He has been involved in and capturing titles in Lake Michigan tournament fishing for many years. Jeff and the Anglers Edge were featured on 333 TV Tournament Trail TV show. Whether catching Salmon or Brown Trout in Lake Michigan or salt water fishing for Blue Marlin in the Caribbean, he is anxious to share this experience of a lifetime with all types of anglers. Rest assured you will be using the best boats, top of line gear and top notch captain and crew.

Previous Experience:
Cape Verde- W. Africa
Casa de Camp- Dominican Republic
Punta Cana – Dominican Republic
Grand Caymen